4219 Albert St Burnaby BC
Tel: 604-336-5903

Program for Care Bear Daycare, Burnaby North

8:00-9:30                     Breakfast/Crafts/Puzzles/Table activities/Indoor free play        

9:30-10:30                     Hand washing/Diaper change-potty/Snack time/Circle Time

1030:-11:15                   Outdoor play/Exercise activity

11:15-12:00                   Hand washing/Story/Lunch time/Hand washing/Diaper change-potty

12:00-2:30                     Nap time (time will vary between each child)

2:30-3:00                       Hand washing/Diaper change-potty/Snack time

3:00-5:30                       Activities and Indoor free play or Music and Movement


Please note younger toddlers will have a morning nap as well as an afternoon nap.



STAFF TO CHILD RATIO: 4 children to 1 staff person with a maximum of 8 children

MEALS: Please provide all snacks and meals that your child needs. Our center will provide snacks for children mid-morning and afternoon that meet the Canadian Food Guide are important to your child’s growth. We ask that families provide a nutritious lunch, such as fruit and vegetables, yogurt and sandwiches, etc. Any chocolate, candy, or pop will not be allowed in the center so please do not send it with your child. Of course an occasional treat is allowed and eaten after a healthy food is consumed. The center will have access to a microwave for any heat ups if needed. Please inform staff of any food restrictions/allergies or changes to the child’s food intake.

REQUIREMENTS: Your child will have their own cubby where extra clothing can be stored. We advise parents to have proper clothing during rainy/sunny temperatures. For example rain boots and waterproof pants and jackets or sunhats and sunscreen. (The children go outside everyday as long as it’s not pouring rain).


  • Lunch
  • Water bottle, bottle, milk
  • Inside shoes with gripping 
  • One complete set of clothing
  • Diapers and wipes, daiper cream
  • Blanket and Sheets for nap time


Care Bear Learning Center will focus on the developmental needs of a child as a
total person – his/her social growth, emotional growth, physical growth and
cognitive growth. We offer programs to enhance these growths by providing a
variety of stimulating activities designed to meet the needs of the children. We
organize activities that introduce students to experiences with art, science,
music, stories and movement. Our programs are child centered reflecting the
interests of each child in the classroom.

The programs are oriented to capitalize on the child’s interest and encourage
active learning to develop curiosity, critical thinking and problem-solving
skills. Each child is allowed to explore and learn at their own pace in a safe
and secure environment without fear of failure. There is emphasis on language
development, perceptual discrimination, cognition and motor coordination. We aim
to create a supportive and caring atmosphere where a typical child could
interact with a child of different ability, can learn more about each other,
accept their sameness and differences, respect each other and develop
responsibility for their behavior.