If your child is ill: We recognize the difficulty working-parents have when their child is ill. However, we ask that you find alternate care when your child is sick.


Childcare programs in BC are licensed and regulated through the Ministry of Health, childcare licensing. As a result, Care Bear Learning Center may be directed by a childcare licensing officer to close operations during a pandemic or other communicable disease outbreak. Care Bear Learning Center will follow all directives provided from the Ministry of Health. The legal authority to close a childcare program for public health reasons falls under the purview of the local Medical Health Officer and the Provincial Health Officer and their decision overrules any decision to stay open that an individual daycare or parents may wish to make.

Childcare ratios are required during operation, regardless of a pandemic or communication disease outbreak. If enough employees are unable to come into work or are in a quarantine and ratio is not able to be met, Care Bear Learning Center may require reduced operational hours or rotating days off between children. This decision would be made as required and would be communicated with parents.

Fees during pandemic / communicable disease closures:

In the event of a short term closure due to a pandemic or communicable disease outbreak (less than 30 days), fees are due and payable as per usual operations. Fees payable during closures exceeding 30 days will be determined on a case by case basis.

Fee reductions such as the CCFRI or ACCB are provided through MCFD, and may or may not be provided during required pandemic or communicable disease closures. Parents may directly contact the MCFD office at 1 888 338-6622, to discuss MCFD’s policy regarding CCFRI or ACCB payments; this decision is outside of Care Bear Learning Center.


He/She Has A Bad Cold, Difficulty Breathing, Or A Sore Throat, Difficulty Swallowing

He/She Consecutive Bouts Of Diarrhea, Nausea, Or Vomiting

He/she has unexplained pain, or un-diagnosed pain

He/she has a fever- (needs to be 48 hour free from fever in order to return)

He/she lice or nits/any parasitic related condition (MUST HAVE DOCTORS NOTE TO RETURN)

He/she has skin infections, un-diagnosed rash, sore infected eyes, or any signs of contagious disease (MUST HAVE DOCTORS NOTE TO RETURN)

Has a communicable disease (MUST HAVE DOCTORS NOTE TO RETURN)

If the child is on antibiotics for an infection, the child is not permitted to return to the daycare until the has been on the medication for a minimum of 24 hours and has no other symptoms.

If your child shows any signs of illness, the staff will call the parents/guardians as soon as possible to pick up their child. While waiting for the parents/guardian arrival, the child will be resting in a comfortable supervised area. If a parent brings a child sick to daycare, the staff will tell you to take your child home to rest. It is unfair to the other children/families and staff to expose them to the illness.A child may return to daycare when he or she is free from symptoms and no longer infectious. The child should be well enough to actively participate throughout the day. In any case of serious or unexplained illness and all rashes, a doctor’s medical clearance form is required prior to admission back into care.


Care-Bear Learning Centre takes pride in having a positive guidance policy that is reflected in practice at all times. All guidance is positive and supportive of the child’s level development and protective of the child’s self-esteem. Guidance interactions are viewed as an opportunity of learning. All guidance interaction is focused on the behavior rather than the child itself and will communicate at the child’s level in clear and concise manner. Children are encouraged to speak and solve their own conflict. No child will be belittled, ridiculed, ashamed, hit, isolated, and deprived of food, sleep, and toileting.

Sometimes a child’s behavior can escalate and become dangerous to themselves, or other children, or daycare property. The child will be offered several solutions to help him/her solve the problem. Sometimes appropriate redirecting is a great guiding strategy but may not always work. In the event the child is unwilling to change unacceptable behavior through encouragement and redirection, the child will be asked to have a “Time by Self” in a quiet area, still in the same room with other children and in view of the teacher. The child can re-enter the activity when he/she is ready to do so. No matter what the behavior or situation, the child is always supported by the care giver in a nurturing and respectful manner.

If there is a continued trend of misbehavior, and all our strategies have been exhausted, the parents will be brought in for conference where we can discuss our concerns and strategies. If the negative behavior continues this may result in suspension or expulsion. The manager/owner may either issue a warning, or immediately place the child on suspension. Expulsion may occur when there is no change in negative behavior and/or language, or when staff or children are placed at risk as a result of the child’s consistent inappropriate behavior/language.

We encourage families to ask question and voice concerns or comments regarding the discipline and guidance of their child. We are committed to working with families and to enhancing knowledge of child development and approaches to child-rearing practices


The Child, Family and Community Service Act state that all children in the Province of BC “are entitled to be protected from abuse, neglect and harm or threat of harm.” The Act also states that any person who has reason to believe that a child needs protection must promptly report the matter to the Ministry of Children and Families. Staff must also contact licensing at.


The child care centre and its entire property is a non-smoking area as require by licensing.

Anyone wishing to smoke must do so off daycare grounds.


Unless instructed in writing to do otherwise, Care Bear Daycare will only release a child to the following person(s):

The child’s custodial parent/guardian

The emergency contact person(s)

Designated person(s) on our child’s enrollment/registration forms

Any other person(s) with whom the parent/guardian has given written authorization or permission over the telephone (with permission over the phone, Care Bear Daycare will ask the person for a valid picture I.D.)

If a child has not been picked up or the parent/guardian has not contacted anyone at the daycare after one hour of arranged pick up time and the above procedures have not resulted in finding and approved alternative or emergency contract, the person will call the Ministry of Social Services at 1800.663.9122.

A note will be left on the door to explain where the child is*




If a family has a specific custody agreement or court order, a copy must be provided to our staff and will be kept in that child’s file. If the parents or guardians live separately, staffs accept the information given by enrolling parent/guardian to be accurate. For without custody agreements our court orders on file, we cannot deny access to the non-enrolling parent or guardian. A copy of pick up and access schedules should be authorized and signed by both parents and kept in the child’s file.


When children are in our care, their health and safety is our main focus. To promote health and safety, we ensure a clean safe and well-maintained environment. All First Aid Kits, Emergency contact information, allergy and medial alerts are kept in the daycare, and taken with us if we leave the property. Please Keep us informed and updated of any and all changes in your information, including your current phone numbers. All our staff members are familiar with the Emergency Procedure Manual; Fire and Earthquake drills will be scheduled and practiced on a regular basis. All drills are kept dated and posted in the daycare records.​


Fire and earthquake drills will be scheduled and practiced on a monthly basis.

All drills are kept dated and posted in the daycare records.